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Only a Glass of This Juice will Remove Clogged Arteries And Control Blood Pressure

Share this article Share During heart bypass surgery, a vein from another part of the body is used to divert blood around narrowed or clogged blood vessels.

But many of the 26, Britons in need of this delicate operation each year do not have any healthy blood vessels suitable for grafting.

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Artificial versions are available but are prone to infection. The latest technique, unveiled at the Experimental Biology conference in San Diego, should cut the odds of infection.

The DIY veins are the brainchild of researchers at U. The process starts with a sample of skin cells taken from the back of the hand.

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Threads or sheets of cells are rolled up and incubated with key nutrients The cells, which produce large amounts of the strong but elastic protein collagen, are grown and multiplied in the lab until they form a thin sheet.

The sheet of cells is then rolled up, like a roll of wrapping paper, and incubated with key nutrients until the layers fuse together to form a hollow tube.

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The tube is snap heart health supplement lined with a second type of cell, taken from a superficial vein that was part of the original skin sample. Use of donor cells would allow the veins to be produced on an industrial scale and stored in fridges until they are needed.

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Veins made from donor cells have been implanted into three patients with severe kidney disease, to allow better access for dialysis.

So far the transplants have been successful, with the first patient treated more dieta detoxifiere ficat a year ago.

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I think it is a really interesting, promising new development. Instead, the cells are cut into fine threads, which are visible to the naked eye.

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The technology, particularly that needed for the woven veins, is still at a relatively early stage and it is expected that it will be five to ten years before the DIY blood vessels are suitable for widespread use. Share or comment on this article: Vein hope?